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Our services for financial industry professionals are structured along the investment management process

- ETH Spin-Off, founded in 2016 with focus on advanced statistical methods and financial engineering
- Core technologies based on latest academic research developed at ETH Zurich and affiliated universities
- Engaged in ongoing transfer of academic research into commercially viable products and services

Herr Felix Fernandez | CEO

Dufourstrasse 47
8008 Zürich

Tel +41 44 552 4905

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The OpenMetrics® RiskMonitor report incorporates a rich set of risk analytics, covering basically all relevant perspectives for risk/investment managers. Every report is customized, the reporting frequency is monthly, weekly or daily.

Exhaustive Risk Report: Advanced univariate and multivariate custom risk analyses.

Dynamic Hedging: Risk management overlays based upon OpenMetrics® risk indicators, providing excellent timing and hedging ratios.

Dynamic Portfolio Management: The portfolio weights are optimized depending on market regimes, other objectives and constraints can be included.

Investors and investment managers benefit from advanced risk reporting via SaaS and attractive subscription models.
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