Onedot AG

Onedot's artificial intelligence (AI)-driven software helps businesses reduce manual work in product data management by 8x, speed up time-to-market by 90% and increase revenue up to 10%. Onedot makes this possible by radically improving data quality–automating the data integration, cleaning and categorisation process.

Onedot features a user-friendly web interface designed for non-technical users. Unlike traditional rule-based ETL or scripting tools, Onedot is a ‘plug-and-play' system that continuously learns from business expert feedback and adapts to constantly changing data formats, structures, and nomenclatures.

Mr. Bernhard Bicher | CEO

Rütistrasse 16
8952 Schlieren

Tel +41 43 508 50 96

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Increase E-commerce conversion rates by upto 56% and reduce manual effort 8x. We make this possible by using artificial intelligence to radically improve data quality, automatically cleaning, categorising and integrating product data.
Data Mining, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)