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Thursday 31.05.2018

The secure and simple-to-use solution to empower digital trust.   

Everyone with an email account has received an overwhelming amount of new privacy policy announcements in the past weeks due to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As individuals describe it:

“It’s overwhelming, where do I even start? I receive so many messages regarding data privacy, but I don’t understand all of it and don’t have time to read the fine print.”

“I am worried about my data, but I don’t have the time or knowledge to contact companies individually or read through all the privacy policies and terms of use they put in front of me.”

The result is that individuals are often forced to accept the new terms without actually reading or understanding how these companies use their personal data, which leads to increased frustration and distrust among the public. Consequently the handling of personal data and protecting privacy continue to be top of mind for media, governments, companies and individuals alike.

So far, individuals can choose to either having to do all the work of reading through terms of use, privacy policies, and searching for the right contact details to request information from companies themselves to get more transparency, or being in the dark about how their personal data is actually being used. Until now, nobody has provided a secure and effortless solution to this challenge.

New regulations such as the GDPR give more rights to individuals to obtain information about themselves and how their personal data is used and shared by organizations. But these rights mean little if one can’t claim, and fulfill, them easily. 

Good thing there’s an app for that now. One.Thing.Less believes that privacy is a fundamental human right and has taken action to enable it.

Available for free download in the Apple App Store and coming to Android in June on the Google Play Store, One.Thing.Less offers individuals a simple to use and secure way to take control over the use of their personal data by companies.

Users can select and ask market-leading companies seven important questions about how they use their personal data. Questions such as: if they have personal data, if they share it with others, if they profile the user, monitor online or offline behavior, or track her or his location.

One.Thing.Less does not ask for a user’s personal data itself; the platform service simply helps individuals get answers to these questions. A push notification informs the user the moment a company responds, so users can easily review the answers and ask to change what they don’t like. Again with just one click. All in one app.

The number of companies to which One.Thing.Less issues requests based on due legal authorization by its users will further increase over time. The current list of companies can be accessed via this link. The demand for such a service was confirmed by the large number of user registrations and requests to companies already issued within the first 24 hours after its global release on the Apple App Store, giving our users a convenient and relevant way to drive the conversation around the use of their personal data.

This also represents an opportunity for companies, as fulfilling their duties to grant their customers’ individual data protection rights is absolutely essential to avoid distrust by customers, media and data protection authorities. One.Thing.Less helps companies to respond to customer requests regarding the use of their personal data faster, more efficiently and securely using its platform.

One.Thing.Less charges companies for its service offerings, which in turn allows the company to offer its app free of charge to individuals and eliminates the need to sell personal information or to rely on in-app advertising.

Trust and a secure environment are paramount when it comes to personal data. Many companies claim they do what they promise and hope that their customers believe them. One.Thing.Less has gone one step further to earn trust and had its services, organization and controls audited by Ernst & Young based on the globally recognized ISAE 3000 standards. This attestation among others covers user verification, authorization of One.Thing.Less by the individual users and all other core processes of the One.Thing.Less platform service. An excerpt of the Ernst & Young report is accessible via the app.

Regulatory frameworks such as GDPR can facilitate change in managing privacy and personal data, but One.Thing.Less believes that the most powerful force of change is the voice of a customer asking for that change. The One.Thing.Less app and platform make it simple and free for anyone to do so.

“When we started this entrepreneurial journey, we knew we wanted to create a meaningful service that would positively impact people’s lives. There is no question that the topic of data privacy for individuals is top of mind, and keeps many people worrying about something that they should be entitled to control,” says James Aschberger, Founder & CEO of One.Thing.Less. “We at One.Thing.Less do not judge whether a particular use of data is good or bad - we remain neutral in the spirit of our home base Switzerland, having developed our platform entirely in Switzerland together with our partner Liip.”

“Our mission is to empower digital trust between individuals and companies, starting with individuals getting the transparency they want on the use of their personal data, and to give them a simple way to request the changes they want to make without having to do the legwork. It will give them One.Thing.Less to worry and think about.”

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One.Thing.Less was founded in 2017 with the vision of a world with greater trust and respect for privacy between individuals and companies based on three core beliefs:

Privacy – it is a fundamental human right.

Simplicity – it is the key for solutions to engage as many people as possible and to drive change.

The Power of One – the ability as an individual to make a difference if given the right tools.

One.Thing.Less is only possible because we foster collaborations based on diversity and integrity. With all our actions, we strive to be ethical and responsible corporate citizens who give to and not only take from society.

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