Namics AG

Namics is a leading Swiss e-business specialist offering the full range of high quality professional services for e-commerce, digital communication, content management, web applications and mobile business solutions. With an interdisciplinary approach our experts create intelligent and innovative solutions including strategy, concept, implementation, operation and commercialization. We are always striving to add value to our clients’ businesses and to shape their online profile.

Founded in 1995, Namics is owner-managed. 500 specialists work together in cross-functional teams in our offices in Belgrade, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, St. Gallen and Zurich. We deliver highly customized online solutions for clients such as: ABB, BASF, BAUHAUS, Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall, Daimler AG, EnBW, Eur

Bederstrasse 1
8002 Zürich

Tel +41 44 228 67 77
Fax +41 44 228 67 88

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1. Consulting & Service
Namics supports customers in successfully profiting from the opportunities of digitalisation. This includes a situation analyis, the development of a sustainable digital strategy with tailored solutions as well as the guarantee of a reliable operation.

2. Websites & Portals
Namics portrays its customers in a convincing and recognisable manner and creates a consistent user experience based on the customer’s business goals. We implement integrated web presences and applications and make conversion measurable.
General Consulting, General Content Management

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3. Digital Communication & Online Marketing
Namics turns the customer’s brand into a true experience. This also includes the development of a consistent brand world, the building of a recognisable multi-channel presence, the evaluation of business and marketing opportunities and the creation of relevant content.

4. E-Commerce & Online Shops
Namics implements tailored e-commerce solutions for its customers. In close collaboration with the customer, we define a business case, develop the web shop including all interfaces, take care of the digital marketing and, based on extensive analysis and personalisation, ensure a success that can be measured.
General E-Commerce, General Marketing

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5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Namics always considers the customer relationship from the perspective of the most important stakeholder, the customer. CRM is an important topic in order to design customer relations holistically and – combined with our long-standing experience in the application of user experience methods – also successfully. Namics links CRM with other digital topics such as e-commerce, websites and portals, mobile business solutions and digital communications.
General Collaboration, General Content Management