Established in 1994, our company offers specific activities and exclusive services in the field of the swiss second pillar. We are mainly active in the development and integration of software (propension) for administrative and technical management for pension institutions.

From 2010, we have also developed and integrated a dynamic business software (prosinistre) to help companies manage their absences (accident, illness) that judiciously complete our range of services in the institutional field.

MPI is a multilingual service provider that brings together the business skills in pension fund management and technical skills in IT development.

Our references are institutional and leading companies present in the three linguistic regions.

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The essential tool for dynamic management of absences in your business

PROSINISTRE is an innovative and proprietary IT platform that optimizes your human resources management. It was developed according to the latest computer technologies and is available online via the Internet or directly on the servers of our customers.
With multiple options fully configurable, it allows to manage processes related to the treatment of cases of absences and to fully integrate the coordination of benefits paid by social or professional insurance.
It offers secure and differentiated access according to business organization just as a schedule management system and alerts.
PROSINISTRE easily interface to payroll management applications or presence/time management system and the accounting applications. This integration into the existing environment allows our customers to avoid duplication of data.

Monitoring of absences mainly includes cases related to accidents, illness or maternity, but may also extend to other types of absences such as planned absences (holidays).

Case management of consecutive absences for sickness insurance or accident is integrated and generates electronic claims (including from SUVA), electronic compensation and an accounting reconciliation of the amounts obtained from insurers. The processing of case management process are also provided in the basic formula of the application.

The application can naturally access to the insurance company's portfolio. And are available online and updated permanently, insurance contracts, terms and conditions, notices of premiums, transfer orders and other documents previously defined.

Full traceability of case work is guaranteed through the integrated archiving system PROSINISTRE or interface with the archiving system in place at our client.

PROSINISTRE allows also produce all the statistics necessary to optimize the management of absenteeism (data processed by sector, average duration, types of cases and costs)

Finally and optional PROSINISTRE allows for individual Social Developments. This report is a synthesis to the attention of the company's employees to summarize all the benefits of occupational pension plans based on the risks involved.
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