milliPay Systems AG

milliPay is a Swiss micropayment provider, headquartered in Zurich. Optimised for digital content and services, milliPay is a simple to integrate paywall solution. It allows to economically process payments even down to EUR 0.001, and to offer users the possibility to pay for and access / re-access premium content with just one click.

Herr Gerrit Sindermann | CEO

Schaffhauserstrasse 560
8052 Zurich

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Contact: Herr Gerrit Sindermann
Tel +41-79-701 90 72


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On request, integration usually doesn't require any guidance of milliPay.
milliPay's core product is a micro-paywall for any kind of freemium model - digital content (video, music, news...) or services (SaaS, social network...). milliPay enables simple user onboarding, and simple (1 click) pay-per-use, pay-per-view or pay-per-article monetisation of price points down to EUR 0.001.

Due to combination of payment and (optional) identity & access management (IAM) a user can access/re-access purchased content or services, for a period defined by the seller.

The product offers the opportunity to provide users either an alternative or a complement to subscription offers, to easier start a customer relationship.
Core (milliPay server): Java; Customer: PHP / JS
Online Transaction Systems,


  • Monday 25.07.2016

    3,200 times faster than Visa

    Earning money online continues to be difficult. Advertising and subscriptions are the norm, although micropayments could allow content providers to generate income outside these established models. Zurich-based milliPay makes this possible. Christian Walter