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Legalligence specialises in the digitalisation and automation of the corporate life cycle of a company.

The solution "ACAT", the Automated Corporate Administration Tool, designed for law firms, creates the necessary documents for each corporate process and stores the entire history of processes in a database.
This ensures that data only has to be entered once across different work steps. From company formations with complex capital structures, to general meetings with different quorums, to capital increases for different share classes: ACAT supports with an intuitive user interface.

Automated, efficient, error-free.

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Mr. Ralf Rosenow | Chairman

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Contact: Herr Ralf Rosenow
Tel +41 (0) 44 923 11 88


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ACAT supports the lawyer in all company law processes with smart software: company foundations, general assemblies, personal mutations, capital increases and many other processes are mapped comprehensively in one tool, so that unnecessary multiple entries of information across different processes are no longer necessary.
The documents required in each case are generated automatically and without errors.
In addition, necessary inputs are obtained from the shareholders or partners via a smart phone app. This allows the lawyer to focus on the essentials of his work: advising his clients.
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