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KnowTrade comes from the background of architecting back-end at large scale for banking companies, insurances and government organizations.
Focused on making data management more efficient and secure, we have migrated more than 6000 databases, sometimes to a different database engine or improved architecture.
After driving multiple large-scale Oracle Software audits for global companies, we noticed the necessity of automating this inefficient process by developing LMS Cloud.
Our vision to make LMS Cloud open-source is to allow clients to use our framework to customize LMS Cloud without constraints of commercial closed-source Software. Therefore, users can have a community-driven single source of truth to perform reliable Oracle audits.

Ms. Cornelia Hofer | IT Profitability Advisor

Flurhofstrasse 109
9000 St.Gallen

Mobile +41 79 617 16 64


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Free / Open-source
LMS Cloud is the only open-source Software Asset Management for
Oracle Software in Europe. It is recognized as a specially designed platform for
Oracle Licensing Compliance and IT Infrastructure Optimization.
LMS Cloud is proven to be the quickest, the most complete and detailed Oracle Licensing Optimization Platform with the highest transparency to make real-time Oracle Software Audits.
KnowTrade has used a distinguished architecture called IoT 2.0 by using autonomous daemons that auto-creates its own topology instead of a traditional IoT Hub-Endpoint. With this architecture, LMS Cloud can be set up much faster than any other similar software.
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