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Course - Cypress.io End to End Frontend Testing in Zurich

Monday 16.08.2021
Cypress End to End Testing overview

Course: Cypress.io End to End Frontend Testing in Zurich

If you search for "End to End Testing Framework" today, you will immediately land on cypress.io and rightly so. An area that has been dominated by Selenium since 2004 has been shaken awake in recent years. Cypress.io offers a comprehensive open source frontend testing framework that is not based on Selenium, but takes a new approach to browser control and test execution. While the Cypress.io approach may be unfamiliar to most in test development, it provides a new ease and clarity in automating end-to-end testing.

With our focus on front-end development courses, we are now pleased to add "Cypress.io End to End Testing" to our course series and offer a first public course on October 26-27 in Zurich.

- Cypress.io End to End Frontend Testing Course, October 26-27 in Zurich

The course lasts two days and plays through a comprehensive example project in which we automate step-by-step testing of different scenarios of a frontend. 

If you want to train your whole team on Cypress.io End to End Testing, we are happy to offer individual in-house trainings.

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