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Introducing dreiAttest — fraud protection without disrupting the user experience

Monday 29.11.2021
dreiAttest protects your services.

dreiAttest effectively protects your services without compromising the usability of your app. It is super easy to set up and can be effortlessly integrated into your new and existing projects.

dreiAttest unifies Apple’s DeviceCheck and Google’s SafteyNet into a single, easy-to-use framework for restricting API Access. dreiAttest is a collection of open-source libraries that provides a unified interface for both platforms. It consists of four parts:

Our framework is designed to act as middleware, thus allowing you to add it to your project without or with only minimal modifications to your networking logic. dreiAttest itself implements only the basic verification that requests come from a genuine installation of your app. Depending on the platform you are on, the underlying frameworks offer additional safeguards. dreiAttest supports server-side plugins, allowing you to use these safeguards to implement and enforce stricter security policies, such as permanently blocking specific devices.

Learn more about it on our blog: "Introducing dreiAttest — fraud protection without disrupting the user experience"

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