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CuriX was founded by 3 existing IT security companies. The product CuriX detects conspicuous deviations and suspicious patterns in IT systems, evaluates them and is - if necessary - able to independently initiate countermeasures or suggest such. CuriX works predictively and is thus able to anticipate errors before they even occur. Error sources can be of various types and originate from within a system (e.g. through incorrect configuration), or can be triggered externally, as is typical in the case of a hacker attack. CuriX thus increases the resilience of IT systems regardless of the cause - automated or partially automated, comparable to an adaptive human immune system.

Mr. Ruedi Moll | CEO

Zugerstrasse 76B
6340 Baar

Tel +41 58 510 83 10

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With CuriX® you know if your anomaly is important or if it is part of the background noise. CuriX® tells you when the anomaly becomes critical and when the defined thresholds are exceeded. The anomaly analysis is cause-independent; i.e. the anomaly may have been caused by misconfiguration, cyber attacks or other irregularities in the IT infrastructure.
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