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chuntos GmbH develops and distributes software for business management, especially in the health sector. Quality, reliability and an appealing user experience distinguish our products.

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Free: CHF 0.00 – Basic: CHF 14.90/month – Profi: CHF 24.90/month
Sanapp is the Swiss practice software for therapists in the field of complementary and alternative medicine. Sanapp is simple, attractively designed and to the point! It efficiently supports therapists in their day-to-day practice with billing according to the Tariff 590 standard and accounts receivable management. The integrated double-entry accounting system automatically books all business transactions such as treatments and incoming payments, thus reducing the administrative effort required for book keeping Therapists essentially only have to book expenses and any special income themselves.

Sanapp is a web-based application and can be operated from anywhere, whether from the practice or from home. All data is transmitted securely and encrypted via HTTPS.
in Switzerland
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), General Administrative , General Healthcare, Process Management