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WWZ Group Partners with FROX AG and Appway to Digitalize Its Business Processes

Wednesday 17.10.2018

WWZ Group is digitally transforming its processes across its five business divisions, namely water, electricity, gas, heat, and telecommunications. Process digitalization will allow the utilities company to automate recurrent tasks, streamline complex processes end-to-end, and become more customer focused in the increasingly liberalized energy market.

WWZ’s initiative targets both internal processes (such as opening new customer accounts and tracking customer inquiries) and key customer-facing processes (such as the application for a new home connection). By reducing manual work and eliminating the need to switch between mediums that are used to carry information, WWZ will gain efficiency and become more customer-focused.

“The liberalization of the Swiss electricity market enables utility companies to massively increase customer contact,” says Stefan Willi, CTO at WWZ. “That’s why we’re already proactively approaching our customers. In two years, we’ll be ready to offer our customers exactly what they want.”

Process automation also supports the growth of WWZ’s new IoT network. By streamlining all underlying processes, new devices (sensors) can be added to the group’s network without manual input.

WWZ Group is working with FROX and Appway to drive its digital transformation. Appway provides the workflow modelling tools to put company-wide process digitalization in place, as well as a highly developed frontend that caters to all end user devices. FROX applies its methodological expertise and extensive integration know-how to guide WWZ through the digital transformation.

For more information, read our interview with Stefan Willi.

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