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Helvetia Assicurazioni Digitalizes Its Business with Appway

Thursday 08.11.2018

Helvetia Assicurazioni, the Italian branch of Helvetia Insurance Group, is using Appway Platform to improve its business processes, optimize internal collaboration, and strengthen its customer focus. Wintech Spa, a long-standing Appway partner, ensures the seamless integration with Helvetia Assicurazioni’s existing IT environment.

Helvetia Assicurazioni is taking full advantage of Appway Platform, including its comprehensive process management toolset and unified digital workspace that allows process stakeholders to interact and collaborate across different channels and devices. Appway’s software enables the insurer to continuously adapt to changing market conditions, process requirements, and user needs, thanks to the inherent flexibility of its technology.

“We were looking for a process management suite that improves both our overall operational efficiency and our ongoing digital transformation,” says Luigi Sironi, Head of Procurement at Helvetia Assicurazioni. “We selected Appway because it offers us the best of both worlds: quick access to a holistic, company-wide process management platform, and the capability to build new business applications for our intermediaries and customers. This is very valuable for us because we want our customers to immediately benefit from improvements to our processes and tie them directly into our processes."

Chiara Sanvito, Senior Project Manager for Helvetia Assicurazioni, adds that "Appway Platform supports a wide range of process types for financial services providers, from automating standardized workflows to orchestrating ad-hoc interactions for knowledge-intensive processes. It caters to different user group requirements while supporting end-to-end process integration with our back, middle, and front office".

Wintech Spa, an Italy-based consulting and implementation firm, has been working with Helvetia Assicurazioni on this project since February 2018. From translating requirements into software to ensuring seamless integration with Helvetia Assicurazioni's existing IT environment, the project achieved a first go-live in October 2018. 

Improving Collaboration with Adaptive Case Management

One key area in which Helvetia Assicurazioni benefits from Appway’s software is the offer request process for enterprise.

Helvetia Assicurazioni issues 15,000 insurance proposals to its enterprise customers every year through its nationwide agent network. Proposals are tailored to specific situations, responding to the needs and the risk profile of each customer. With Appway’s Adaptive Case Management functionality, process owners can adapt and customize the workflow for the individual case, and dynamically set the process participants.

Andrea Buzzi, Appway Senior Account Executive, sees how Appway Platform will empower Helvetia Assicurazioni to better serve its customers and improve the quality of its digital output: "Faster turnaround supports its commitment to customer excellence, and ultimately generates more business for Helvetia Assicurazioni and its intermediaries.”

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