Nidwaldner Kantonalbank Simplifies Customer Onboarding with Appway

Thursday 23.11.2017

Nidwaldner Kantonalbank (NKB) has officially launched its new client onboarding process based on Appway Onboarding. The updated onboarding solution makes onboarding new customers, starting with private banking clients, more time-saving and simple.

NKB chose Appway Onboarding because it aligned with the bank’s established focus on clients and its desire to implement greater operational efficiency. The modernized process supports NKB’s employees with validating and adding new clients, from initial contact to account opening. Back office staff and client advisors follow a structured process that is tailored to NKB’s specific needs, and business rules define all data and documents that are required to rapidly onboard a customer. Moreover, the new onboarding process eliminates a great deal of duplicate data entry. This means that back office staff can concentrate more fully on value-adding activities.

Appway Onboarding also enables extensive automation for all legal matters. Due to ever stricter anti-money laundering regulations, onboarding clients has become more complex. “The major advantage of the new system is that our advisors can focus entirely on client needs, while the process automatically guides them through all required steps,” explains Hugo Berlinger, Service Center Head at NKB. With the new solution, future regulatory requirements can be seamlessly and dynamically integrated into the defined workflow with minimal effort.

Following the success of this onboarding project, NKB plans to implement further process automation. “Thanks to the flexibility of Appway Platform, we are able to digitize additional processes and enhance our operational efficiency even more,” says Hugo Berlinger.

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About Nidwaldner Kantonalbank

Offering them commitment, knowledge and multifaceted expertise, NKB has been by its clients’ sides since 1879 when it first began as a local universal bank. It provides security and the right solution at the right time for any relevant need. As a banking services provider, employer, and sponsor, as well as through annual fees to the Canton, NKB fosters the ongoing economic development of the Canton of Nidwalden.

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