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Appway Supports BCGE’s Transition Towards Banking Digitalization by Simplifying its Mortgage and Account Opening Process

Thursday 18.01.2018

In collaboration with its technology partner Appway, Banque Cantonale de Genève (BCGE) has digitized the processing of several key banking services. The bank’s new services platform allows clients to open a bank account, apply for an individual pension plan, and obtain a property financing proposal in a matter of minutes.

Existing and prospective BCGE clients residing in Switzerland can now apply for a mortgage in five simple steps. The user selects their property project (purchase of a property or the transfer of an existing mortgage loan) before submitting their personal and financial details. They then specify the loan type and amount requested. Automated eligibility checks are performed while the user reviews the submitted data and confirms their application via e-signature. If found eligible, the client receives BCGE’s financing proposal immediately online. Likewise, clients wishing to open a savings account or a pension plan can do so through a fully digitized, end-to-end process.

“With, we’re offering our clients the ease and convenience of digital interfaces that they know from online retailers and other digital innovators,” says Jean-Marc Joris, Head of Organization and IT at BCGE. “Our intention, however, isn’t to replace traditional channels such as our branch offices. Instead, we want to give our customers a true channel choice and enable them to tailor their interactions with us. We want to provide them with the simplicity of digital interfaces as well as the depth of human interaction and personal advice when they need it. Essentially, we’re becoming more of a ‘bionic bank,’ as defined by Boston Consulting Group.” users can get assistance by calling BCGE’s customer service team. They can also pause and continue the application process in a BCGE branch office; a client advisor will pick up where the customer left off and offer personal advice.

Straightforward processing and seamless channel switches are supported by Appway’s software. It ensures that all data entered on is automatically processed in BCGE’s systems and shared among all relevant applications in the bank’s front, middle, and back office. also includes key components of Appway’s Onboarding for Retail solution. Appway’s solution for BCGE has been delivered in conjunction with Swisscom.

For more information on, please also see BCGE’s press release.

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