aporea GmbH

We are a young and enthusiastic start-up based in Zurich, Switzerland. Our employees possess long-term experience working in management consulting, strategy management and Project Portfolio Management at notable international corporations.

We combined our expertise, a pragmatic way of dealing with complex topics as well as our devotion to details into aporea. With aporea we have developed an effective and easy to use tool to successfully transform and execute your business strategy.

Herr Lukas Meyer | Geschäftsführer

Max-Högger-Strasse 6
8048 Zürich



The pragmatic Swiss Cloud-Solution for Strategy-, Portfolio- and Projectmanagement Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

aporea helps you and your organisation to increase the outcome of every Swiss Franc invested into programs and projects.

With aporea you can put more horsepower on the road and effectively execute your business strategy. By integrating strategic decision making and control with operational execution you are always on top of your projects and programs. aporea seamlessly connects top portfolio level with project management and provides you with critical information from every angle.

Prioritise your Project Portfolio using intelligent scenario simulation, waterlines and project ranking in order to understand the bottleneck factors and select the best project mix.

With aporea you can effectively reduce administrative overhead in your project execution. Simple, visual and interactive planning features and an efficient reporting environment let you concentrate on steering rather than administrating your project.

Function-as-a-Service (FaaS), Project Management, Business Performance Management, Reporting


  • Thursday 09.11.2017

    Der richtige Projekt-Mix

    Ressourcen entsprechend den strategischen Zielen einer Unternehmung einzusetzen ist schwierig. Aporea verschafft Abhilfe und erlaubt übersichtliche Planung sowie Ergebnisauswertung. Christian Walter