ADVIS has the view over comprehensive informatics solutions. We understand customer needs in all their details, we act authentic in your interest and inspire you with reliable and convincing project solutions.

We are an established midsize IT-company, located in Berne with around 40 employees, and realizing challenging solutions based on Microsoft Technology. Large private and common companies as well as SME’s count to our long-time circle of customers.

Our core competences:
- Portals, intranet & collaboration
- Specialist field applications
- Application management
- IT infrastractur & system technology


Brüggliweg 20
3073 Gümligen

Tel +41 31 958 00 00

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We offer internships
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Contact: Mister Christof Kuhn
Tel +41 31 958 00 00


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ADIVSbox CHF 129.— (exkl. MWSt.) per user/month
Every single company depends on a high performant and running infrastructur. Keywords and trends like „Security“, „Data privacy“, „Mobility“, „Flexibility“ „Availability“ and „Cloud“ are important subjects in this context. Subjects that matters to you, but not belong to your main business. But they belong to ours.

The ADVISbox transforms the called themes to a clearly defined service package – standard IT-attendance at a fixed price.

More informations about the scope of supply and services you find on
Microsoft Hyper V, Office 365, SharePoint, Lync

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With our standard software eBAGE+ you’re able to manage your building application transparent and without any media discontinuity, integrate the key position from the architect over the communitys to the canton and illustrate the canton- and federation-specific method.

eBAGE+ enables a media interruption free completion of the building application process. Every awarding authority on cantonal and communal level as well as specific departmens can be integrated. All documents belonging to the building application are electronically led in the building application dossier. The access on this dossier is granted everytime and location-independent – for inputting architects, engineers, involved cantonal positions or federal agencies.
Clearly assigned tasks accelerate the execution of the application and visualizes the current process-step.

The solution is based on standard technologies of Microsoft (i. a. Sharepoint).