Advertima AG

Advertima combines, as the worlds first experience management system (EMS), machine learning, computer vision and big data to generate the perfect, positive customer experience. By linking the digital and real world through artificial intelligence, physical touch-points become more relevant again.

Herr Iman Nahvi | Co-Founder & CEO

Lerchenfeldstrasse 3
9014 St. Gallen


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On Demand
Advertima is the first „experience management system” (EMS). It allows its users not only to make their contents interactive and reactive but to set triggers which results in the fact, that contents are only played for the targeted audience of the content and don’t reach out for anyone else.

This means: our engine (A.I.) detects each visitor with several sensors, differentiates them by age, gender etc. and only displays contents, which were predefined as relevant by the content manager.

In this way, we make Advertising and Entertaining contents on digital displays more relevant again, since nobody is confronted with any commercial or product anymore, which obviously doesn’t fit to their needs.
Maschine Learning, Computer Vision