4Quant Ltd.

4Quant analyzes your tera- and petabytes of image and video data for your customer advantage and monetization.

We offer cloud-compatible, large-scale image analytics solutions for data-driven medicine, evidence-based oncology care and industry 4.0 needs.
You benefit from unlimited, elastic scalability without any investment in your own IT infrastructure

Herr Flavio Trolese | CFO

Binzmühlestrasse 56
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Images are flooding into both science and business at astonishing rates (8GB/s for us) and standard analysis approaches cannot even begin to keep up. We want to make processing 100, 1000, or 1,000,000 images as easy as processing just one and turn terrifying big data into insights and opportunity. Whether trying to identify the cell network within a 10 terabyte zebrafish image or stitching together millions of tiles to map the earth, our easy to use interactive cloud-based environment for processing large imaging datasets, brings world-class tools to every investigator's fingertips.

We have developed both an underlying infrastructure for scaling up imaging tasks from a single machine to hundreds of computers in something called Spark Imaging Layer. We have also started development on an easy to use web-front end for performing complicated image processing tasks on hundreds of machines with a few clicks.
Apache Spark, Hadoop, Deep Learning, Scala, Java
Software for Engineering, General Healthcare